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Ranking Factors Importance
Mobile Optimization High
Positive Reputation High
Positive Reviews in multiple locations High
Relevant Linking Strategy High
Quality / Dynamic Content High
How to Dominate Your Market Online and Double Your Business in 90 Days Using the Internet.
Get Listed in the Big 3 (Google Local, Yahoo Local, MSN/Bing Local)
Tap into the HUGE mobile market by putting your business on the map.
Dominate the front page by making your site Search Engine-Friendly.
Use video, press releases, articles, social content sites, online classifieds, online business directories, and online review sites to make the search engines fall in love with your site.
If you're not in Google's top 3, your competitors are getting YOUR clicks.
Can they find you?
(Even if they don't know your name?)
2 out of 3 people use Google to find businesses online.
Here's how people click:
# 1 ranked site gets 41% of the clicks
# 2 ranked site gets 12% of the clicks
# 3 ranked site gets 8.5% of the clicks

Less than 3% go on to page 2...
Is your Site Mobile friendly?
Did you know that over one billion smartphones were shipped globally last year?  What does that mean for your local business? If your website isn't mobile phone friendly, your business could suffer tremendously. Does your website account for mobile specific consumer behaviors? Quite simply mobile users have different needs than regular desktop users. Did you know that Apple mobile devices don't support Flash? iPhones and iPads don't read Flash so portions of your site might not be visible to the millions of people using these devices.  Recent studies show that 61% of people searching for local information on mobile phones end up calling the businesses they find and 59% walk through the door.  Now is the time to retool so your site gets found – and used. Don't fail to act on this tidal wave of new opportunity!
So why should you choose Spot One Marketing?
If you want to compete in your market, one of the fastest growing and strongest methods of promoting a company is via the internet, specifically in the areas of Mobile Web Search, and Search Engine Optimization. Your site MUST be mobile friendly and it MUST be found in the first page of results.  Otherwise you're investment in the site is likely gaining you little to no new business.  While the normal means of marketing such as Yellow Page ads are still quite expensive, many are finding diminishing returns on their investment due to the growth of the internet. So the important questions are; can your customers find you online without knowing your name, and if they search on a mobile device how does your site appear? 

We have a very skilled team of pioneers that spend the majority of their day dedicated to expanding their knowledge base on ecommerce, website development, and internet marketing. They carefully analyze your market, learn your consumer, and take all necessary steps to optimize your site and ensure that you are found. Essentially, Spot One Marketing LLC will become your Internet Marketing Director at a fraction of the normal cost. 

We keep up with the latest development in generating Internet traffic for local businesses. We also help local businesses like yours improve their conversion ratio so that the visitors you do get to your website are more likely to buy from you resulting in growing your business. We do this by adding audio, video, articles, and grade A content to your website. Generating traffic is only the first step, the visitor(s) must feel that you are a trusted business who is at the top of your industry within the first few seconds of arriving at your site. Without both of these key elements in place your Internet marketing strategies will be far less effective.

Quite simply we are the best in the business with regard to price & value in this marketplace.  Others will ask you to pay tens of thousands of dollars up front, dazzle you with techno-jargon, and charge you exorbitant consulting fees when you have a simple question. 

We will work with your budget, charge only for services performed, and most importantly deliver the results that enable you to leapfrog your competiton and gain valuable new business. The future is now.  Don't get left behind! 

Spot One Marketing LLC
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